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"I recently consulted Deborah Kerbel for her design expertise in helping me to put the finishing touches on a Toronto lakefront penthouse. Shortly after selecting a few of her lavish yet surprisingly affordable pieces on the website, I was impressed that Deborah herself contacted me by email to welcome me to her site and all of the services she can provide. Deborah soon showed me why she is one of Toronto’s most sought-after design consultants. She is approachable and accessible. She is intuitive when it comes to gauging her client’s home design ideas. After meeting, I toured one of her supplier’s warehouse as she showed me all of the possibilities to take my condo from the ordinary to one-of-a-kind contemporary elegance. Deborah listened intently to my preferences and needs, and then formed ideas and suggestions for my home based on what she heard. I was impressed just how quickly she grasped what I wanted for my new home. The result? A final design worthy of a premiere lakefront residence. Besides being a professional from start to finish, Deborah is refreshingly upbeat and cheerful. She is as excited about her clients’ plans as if their space was her own. It was also apparent to me just how passionate Deborah is about home design. Thanks to her, my residence now exudes the kind of chic style I wanted. But this designer is adept at transforming any space in a myriad of ways that reflects her discerning clientele’s needs. Having used her services (and yes, I’m happy to have her share photos of my space), I’m proud to count myself a client of Deborah Kerbel. " - … Reid, Toronto