From the 9th century to date, one has to ask, what is it about these fixtures? There are about twenty different lighting fixtures globally, but somehow, we gravitate back to chandeliers. You’d think we’ve had enough of them by now, yet we are gushing over them, flaunting them in our living rooms, and even designating insane museum spaces for these striking pieces. Chandeliers have an undeniable hold on us. However, it’s not that simple. Initially, the chandelier obsession was credited to the medieval stature craze. In the 70s, multitudes believed that owning a chandelier signified influence and wealth; however, the love for chandeliers is more profound than that for the millennials.


Chandeliers have evolved so much over the past couple of decades, consequently redefining them. These lighting fixtures are no longer a nobility-exclusive asset but rather a dynamic lighting choice. As seen today, chandeliers go way beyond the good old lighting function tale as more and more people invest in them for various reasons. Unlike most illuminance fixtures, chandeliers have so much to offer, making them an indispensable identity of society, and that’s why they’re here to stay. Ahead, we break down four reasons why these ceiling-hung fixtures are timeless.


For most, versatility is just one of the distinct features of a timeless piece. With over ten different styles, chandeliers have to be one of the most versatile light fixtures today. Chandeliers may have started as simple lighting fixtures in the 9th-century; however, they have since evolved into complex structures built from various materials to give any room they grace a unique feel and personality. Among the popular types of chandeliers are geometric, lantern, sputnik, crystal, and linear chandeliers, to mention a few. Similarly, chandeliers are versatile in the kind of illuminance they provide. They come in a diverse choice of fluorescent, LED, incandescent, halogen, and energy-saving bulbs.


It’s typical to assume that lighting fixtures play one role. One can’t say the same for chandeliers; these ceiling-hung fixtures have many functions ranging from aesthetics to primary lighting and ambient illuminance. If you’ve been out on a hunt for décor pieces before, we’re betting you’ve come across chandeliers as a popular statement piece; these gorgeous ornamental fixtures make the perfect décor addition. Furthermore, chandeliers are popular for accent and ambient lighting as they are known to offer a diffused illuminance, unlike most glaring light fixtures.


Chandeliers are chic; you cannot argue with that. Thanks to their effortless elegance and timeless beauty, these light fixtures have stood the test of time. Whether you choose to place it in the foyer or the living room, a chandelier will always capture everyone’s attention. For what its worth, chandeliers are stunning enough to be a one-man-show; you don’t have to do too much with these fixtures, suspend them in the room, and watch them wash the space with all their glory. Additionally, their cut and shape detail is catchy, more so in crystal and glass chandeliers and how they refract light off their icicles and surfaces.


We’ve said it once, and we’ll repeat it- chandeliers are the ultimate décor statement. The appeal of chandeliers goes well beyond their beauty as they exude drama and sophistication even when they’re turned off. The majestic presence of a chandelier offers more than lighting, often taking the focal point position of the space. Whether you’re looking to add some personality to the room or endeavoring to trigger an interest in that plain dining area, hanging a chandelier always does the trick! These ornamental fixtures have overwhelming potential and character.


Despite the rise in trends and innovations in the world today, chandeliers have kept their charm for decades. These lighting fixtures have stolen the hearts of many making their way into our homes, commercial spaces, and art galleries. While their opulent features take the forefront of their appeal, it would be underwhelming to credit their timeless nature exclusively to beauty. Chandeliers bring so much to the table, making them the ultimate package in the lighting spectrum; it is only fair to acknowledge their diversity, functionality, and eccentric attributes. With so many benefits to obsess over, there are no doubt chandeliers will be here for years to come.