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Designer: Deborah l kerbel

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Material: Metal

Place a flameless pillar, or our complementary items in the Sentire Candle Stick Collection in the Vivere Display Box and surround it with moss, botanicals or decorative rocks to create a unique candlelight display. Or mix it up a bit by filling it with string lights for a warm moment. A gold/copper finish on the box's frame adds a vintage appearance.

Small Vivere Box: Dimensions 3.25"X 3.25"X 3.75" (Pack of 6) Weight: 0.4lbs 

Medium Vivere Box: Dimensions 4" x4" x 6" (Pack of 4) 1.2lbs

Medium Vivere Box Individual: Dimensions 6" x 6" x 9" - Individual 2.4lbs

Large Vivere Box Individual: Dimensions 8.25" x 8.25" x10.25"- Individual 3.8lbs


Complementary Collection

Material: Metal (Copper)

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