If you’ve been looking to refresh your home, now couldn’t be a better time. It seems the world is finally open to new designs and ideas.

Whether you’re refreshing your home, planning a major renovation, or aiming to redecorate a room at some point this year, here are 10of the top interior design trends for 2024.

Quiet Luxury:

Quietly luxury has been trending in interiors as well as fashion: In the same way a 'quiet luxury' wardrobe is assembled, within design, there will be a continued emphasis on classic, investment pieces that you can build a room around.

Quiet luxury was one of the biggest interior design trends on TikTok in 2024. More about style than brands, this aesthetic is here to stay. We believe the quiet luxury trend is not simply a trend, and that it will continue to thrive in 2024.

This trend encapsulates what we do; sourcing and developing pieces that have soul, are of high quality, and are meant to last.

Curved Furniture:

Anything but a subtle touch, curved sofas and chairs have been major trends in recent years. In 2024, curved pieces will only become more interesting.  We are seeing curves pop up everywhere, especially for sectionals and coffee tables. Bringing in these unique shapes adds contrast and depth to a space, creating a very modern feeling while still being functional.

Just keep in mind that while beautiful, curved sofas are not always the most comfortable choice. So you may want to go for a classic shape for seating but opt for an extra-curvy coffee table or side table.

Big Artwork:

The moment of the gallery wall is fading, and the big artwork is back in style. There are two major reasons for this. More and more people are building homes with two-story spaces. These are the perfect places to have huge pieces of art. But even if you don't have a multi-story room, going with huge artwork is still on trend. It's a great way to add a lot of life to a room without feeling like you're going over the top.

Another reason why big artwork is back? Decision fatigue. It’s far easier to choose one larger, statement piece than multiple smaller pieces.

Plusher Seating:

Comfort is king, and not just for the couch. You’ll see plusher cushioning for more types of seating, including upholstered seats and/or backs for barstools, especially those designed for use at the kitchen island or peninsula. Once people started working from home, comfort became a priority, especially for those who doubled their kitchen as an office.

Multipurpose Furniture:

A table is still a table, but where and how you use that table in your home is completely up to you.

Being able to take pieces and be more flexible with them is really important.

For example, If you’re looking to revamp the appearance of your space without spending a lot—or anything at all—you might consider moving a small table from your living room to a bedroom or guest room for a new look. 

Furniture makers are becoming more particular with what they call pieces these days—or rather, less particular—because they don’t want to “typecast a piece of furniture” as only being able to be used in a certain room. A sideboard in a dining room might now simply be called a cabinet because it can be used in the living room as a media stand or even in a bedroom as a dresser.

Dark Wood:

Big adieu to blonde wood and say hello to warmer shades. There will be a continuing shift toward more dark wood tones. Materials like smoked oak will become more popular in furniture pieces and beyond.

Sophisticated Colors:

Sophisticated colors will be a major trend this year. While bright rainbow colors have reigned supreme for the past five-plus years, rooms will likely look a little moodier this year thanks to softened palettes.

Earth Tones:

Brown isn’t the only earth tone that’s trending. Browns, greens, grays, muted reds, and other warm shades inspired by nature will be at their peak popularity in 2024. This means (thank goodness), that green furnishings that have taken over the South in the last few years will remain in style. 

The grounding essence of earthy neutral tones that provide a versatile canvas will be in the foreground of 2024 furniture trends.

Monochromatic Lighting Schemes:

Lighting is one of the most important features of the home. It's almost impossible to have too much of it because most homes usually don’t have enough. People are definitely putting more of a focus on lighting in their home and realizing that layers of lighting really liven up a space and that those lights can serve as functional works of art. In the 2023 we saw a few different designers choose bold table lamps with same-colored shades and bases. It really makes a bold statement while also adding much-needed accent lighting to a room.

Gold Framing:

The resurgence of gold in home decor isn’t a flash in the pan. You’ll continue to see more of it glittering in furniture, especially gold-framed tables and chairs—including in the kitchen.

Champagne gold is absolutely stealing the spotlight and looks especially dazzling in white kitchens. The mere addition of gold-framed bar stools instantly makes the kitchen look more high-end looking.

Natural Stone:

Using natural stones in your interior design may change your room's atmosphere and create a haven from the outside world. Natural stones differ significantly in texture and color from artificial materials, which can help a location stand out. Utilizing limestone promotes a home connection between man and nature and is sustainable, low maintenance, and long-lasting. Limestone keeps a cool temperature within the house while adding warmth to the interiors with its rustic beauty. It is a fantastic alternative for urban households since it creates a quiet environment by effectively absorbing outside sounds.