You no longer need to go to a brick-and-mortar store to purchase the items you need. With the emergence of e-commerce websites, shopping online has become a reality.

Online furniture stores typically have the most recent update on furniture trends and a larger variety of styles and options. What’s even more attractive is that you can shop from the comfort of your home offering convenience and time-saving.

That said, buying furniture online can be tempting and overwhelming at the same time. You get a plethora of different furnishing options to choose from but remain unsure whether they will fit your space or the company is reputable.


1. Choose Secure Websites - Look for a padlock immediately

The Internet is a free market, but not all online stores are credible or trustworthy. To safeguard your financial records, purchase furniture online from well-known, secure websites. 

To avoid the chance of identity fraud, only purchase furniture from safe websites. You should notice information that suggests the site is secure after you start the checkout process.

If you see that a website has a lock beside it in the search/address bar, that symbol does not mean you’re locked out of it, it means the website is using security where information between your browser and the server is encrypted. It’s a good thing because people between those two points cannot intercept the communication.

You never want to enter credit card information on a site that doesn’t have this. Websites with no security will not have this lock symbol showing.

2. If a Deal Seems Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is

Hackers frequently set up fake websites to entice customers and capture sensitive payment details. One way they do this is by creating deals that appear to be too good to be true.

Like Google, search engines are getting good at clamping down on malicious sites, removing them from search results and delisting them. But they may still be accessible via alternative search engines or links on third-party sites.

If in doubt, always check that the site is officially listed on Google, check the padlock symbol in your browser’s URL bar.

3. Read Store Reviews

Check out the experience others have had with the company before you commit to purchasing with them. While 1 or 2 two negative reviews may be due to one-off poor experiences, a large number of negative reviews or a low rating may suggest an issue with the company. Start with Google search, which allows consumers to rate and evaluate various retailers.

4. Peruse the About Page

Read the company’s About page to get a head start on your research. The best online retailers disclose details about their business, such as their core values.

The “About Us” section is often the most overlooked aspect of a company’s website. Often all the focus is put on the products or services however it gives you more insight into the business’s unique identity and what you can expect from them when interacting with the company.

5. Website Quality

The quality of the company’s website should also be considered. It potentially showcases how much they care, are involved with or invested in their company. If the website looks shabby or has not been updated in a while then it is definitely something to consider before purchasing.  Mainly, if they are not putting investment into their website it’s a possible indication on what you can expect from their products and services.

6. View Photos Carefully

Many online stores display various images of furniture, which you need to carefully examine. Typically, the store will upload a photo of the furniture in a well-decorated room to highlight it. The site should also provide other images of the actual item alone in different positions; i.e. side-angles and more photos without the use of any embellishments to make the furniture appear more attractive.

7. Obtain Promotion Codes (Sign up for Newsletters to get additional discounts)

Coupons are a popular technique for online retailers to encourage you to visit their website. You may benefit from these unique offers and save a lot of money on your order. Begin by going to the furniture business’s website and subscribing to their mailing list.

8. Return Policy

Return procedures should be clearly stated on websites. Avoid conducting business with a website does not accept returns at all or if their policy is vague.

9. Color Descriptions & Images

While most websites try their best to offer accurate images, publishing photos of furniture online might alter the furniture’s real hues. Dark-colored furniture, such as the espresso hue common in contemporary furniture designs, seems paler online. Check if fabric swatches are available or if more description of the color is available.

10. When in Doubt, Contact The Customer Care Team

Don’t be shy about getting in touch with the retailer’s customer care team. Ask for their opinion about the sofas. Good customer care teams should be able to share thoughtful, detailed feedback on the sofa you have in mind.