From spot cleaning to steaming, here's how to keep your velvet upholstery looking luxe over time.

Incorporating velvet into your home is a great (and easy) way to add a touch of luxury to any space. For one thing, velvet can add depth to a room, unlike standard woven fabrics. Also unlike many other materials, velvet is surprisingly durable—so it's possible that a velvet piece could last you for years to come. In fact, velvet isn't much more difficult to clean and maintain than other fabrics or materials.

The plush upholstery has a commanding presence—there’s no ignoring its soft sheen, rich color and innate elegance.

To take back velvet’s panache without having to resort to a professional cleaning, you only need a few tricks, especially when it comes to DIY SPOT CLEANING. Cleaning procedure is more important than any specific cleaning product.

Spot clean immediately after spills with absorbent cloths

Never underestimate the impact of spot-cleaning velvet upholstery. Always soak up spills immediately with a clean, absorbent cloth or paper towel, by blotting until the moisture is removed - but be careful not to dab or rub as this will push the liquid deeper into the fibres.

I'd suggest leaving the cloth on the spill until all the liquid has been absorbed and letting it air dry. If you catch it in time, it should look as good as new.

Steam Regularly

Since velvet has a higher pile (taller strands of fabric on its surface), it has the tendency to compress—often appearing as a crease or a white stain—when under pressure for long periods of time. Steaming velvet fabric is a great way to keep it clean and avoid velvet compression. To remove compression, simply steam the creases out with a steamer or the steam setting on your iron, and gently brush in the opposite direction of the pile to release the wrinkles.

Be sure your steamer is set on low to avoid damaging the fabric.

Keep a vacuum handy.

The easiest and fastest way to clean a velvet couch is by vacuuming it with a soft brush attachment, but if you have spills, follow the spot cleaning instructions first.

However, in order to ensure your velvet upholstery stays fresh-looking between spot cleaning and steaming sessions, vacuum it regularly. Day-to-day maintenance is as simple as vacuuming the furniture with a fabric attachment to clean up any dust, crumbs, or lint left behind. Always vacuum gently to avoid wearing the fabric.

Vacuuming after spot cleaning. Once the velvet upholstery is dry, you can vacuum again, then brush the textile into shape. Just make sure the brush bristles aren’t too stiff.  Any soft- or medium-bristled brush can be used to maintain a velvet fabric’s nap, remove lint or pet hair, or refresh surface texture after cleaning or steaming.

DIY a velvet-safe cleaning solution

For heavier spills and stains, you can easily create your own cleaning solution by mixing a drop or two of dishwashing liquid with a cup of water.

Simply shake the container to create some frothy bubbles, take your cloth, and dip it in just the suds,then, lightly blot the stain with the sudsy cloth until you've removed as much of the stain as you can.

Always test the cleaning product on a hidden spot first, to ensure it doesn’t ruin the material.