Between warmer temperatures and extra time spent working at home, it seems everyone is flocking to their yards. We’re no exception and are actively continuing with backyard ideas that we started last summer. 

Now is the perfect time to make your backyard an oasis with a little makeover to impress your guests. Today we’re sharing easy tips to help you turn your backyard into an oasis.


Invest in Items That Last 

When it comes to buying for your outdoor oasis, it can be difficult to commit to spending a lot of money on items that are outside 24/7. Unfortunately, that often means we end up buying something low quality and uncomfortable. 

If you truly want to be creating a backyard oasis, treat it like one! Invest in furniture and accessories that are actually comfortable and useful.

Many of us are itching to get our outdoor spaces in shape for the hot midwest summer ahead. Here are five steps you can take to create a luxurious outdoor oasis that everyone can enjoy.

With warmer weather finally on the horizon it’s time to start thinking about our outdoor spaces! 

You want it to be more than just a grill and a couple of chairs right.  Let me guess, you want it to be a little oasis?  Imagine walking out of your house, stepping a few feet into an outdoor paradise that is all yours!  You didn’t even have to get onto a plane.  YAY!  How can we make this a reality for you?

First, think of your outdoor space as an extension of your home interior.  How can you bring that same cozy and comfy feeling outside?  Simple.  Think about the same things you add to your interior spaces = rug + furniture + lighting.  Next, whether you have a deck, porch or patio it’s important to define the zones of your outdoor oasis.

If you have the square footage to include a dining area and a sitting or bonfire area, go for it!  If you have a smaller outdoor space try to prioritize what will get used more.  Will you be dining outside? Reading or entertaining?  Considering how your outdoor space will function for you will really help you create your outdoor oasis!

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, finding a peaceful sanctuary at home has become more crucial than ever. Your backyard, often an underutilized space, can be transformed into a serene retreat with the right elements.

As you prepare to welcome warmer days, consider these must-have items to transform your patio, garden, or backyard into a serene retreat or a vibrant space for entertaining.

Planning Your Outdoor Oasis

Planning your outdoor oasis is one of the most important parts of the project. There are two main points to start with planning the project and they are to assess the outdoor space and lastly establishing your budget. Here’s why.

1. Assessing Your Outdoor Space

Before you dive into the exciting world of designing your outdoor oasis, take the time to thoroughly assess your existing space. Consider the size and layout of your outdoor area, understanding its unique features and limitations. A careful examination will enable you to envision how different elements can harmoniously come together, guiding the subsequent steps in the planning process.

2. Size and Layout Considerations

The dimensions and layout of your outdoor space play a pivotal role in determining the overall design. Take note of any architectural features, corners, or focal points that could influence the placement of key elements. A thoughtful consideration of size and layout ensures that your oasis not only looks visually appealing but also functions seamlessly, maximizing both aesthetics and utility.

3. Define your space and its function

Before anything else, consider your space and how you'll use it. Do you have a large backyard and pool? A spacious deck with plenty of room for both dining and lounging? Or, a terrace meant for entertaining and a small table? Once you recognize how you want to use the area, start with the bigger pieces as you would indoors - so your sofa, accent chairs or tables.

4. Choose the Right Furniture 

You will want comfortable, inviting, yet stylish furniture for your outdoor oasis. Look for pieces that you can easily rearrange to suit your needs. For example, a set of modular outdoor furniture can be configured into a lounge area, dining area, or even a makeshift office.

If you have a small balcony, you might want to choose a bistro set or a few chairs rather than a full dining set.

And if you’re planning on spending time in your oasis at night, be sure to choose furniture that’s conducive for relaxing, like a fabulous chaise lounge.

5. Patio Dining Sets

A well-chosen patio dining set serves as the centerpiece for outdoor gatherings, offering a comfortable and stylish spot for meals, conversations, and relaxation. Look for weather-resistant materials like teak, aluminum, or all-weather wicker to ensure longevity and ease of maintenance. Extendable tables or stackable chairs offer added versatility for spaces of any size.

6. Outdoor Sofas And Sectionals

Create a cozy outdoor living room with plush sofas and sectionals designed for the outdoors. These pieces invite leisurely afternoons and offer ample seating for guests. Modular designs allow you to customize the layout to fit your space perfectly, while durable, fade-resistant fabrics ensure your investment looks great season after season.

7. Outdoor Rugs 

An outdoor rug can magically tie the different spaces of your backyard together. It’s amazing how something so simple can transform a patio into a sophisticated dining area or a deck into a chic lounge space. Just be sure to choose a rug that’s weather-resistant and complements your existing outdoor decor.

Add comfort underfoot and define your outdoor living areas with weather-resistant rugs. These rugs bring the indoors out, adding color, pattern, and texture to your patio or deck. Look for materials that are easy to clean and resistant to mold, mildew, and fading to keep your space looking fresh.

8. Outdoor Lighting

Illuminate your outdoor areas with a variety of lighting options. Solar-powered lights, string lights, and LED candles can create a magical ambiance without the need for electrical wiring. Consider path lights for safety along walkways and accent lights to highlight landscaping or architectural features.

9. Decorative Accents

Personalize your outdoor space with decorative accents like planters & sculptures. These elements add character and charm, making your outdoor area feel like an extension of your home.

10. It's All About Timing

If you are looking for the perfect setup now is the time to customize and get made-to-order patio furniture that will arrive right when patio season starts!  Although supply chain issues are resolving, we highly recommend planning ahead.

11. Quality Matters

Investing in outdoor furniture and qualityshould be your top priority.  No one wants to replace their outdoor setup every year because of wear and tear; you want something that will last through multiple seasons with minimal maintenance; waiting until spring, when everyone else is making their purchases, can make it harder to find high-quality pieces that fit your style and budget.