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At Deborah L Kerbel Inc., we believe in creating a stress-free shopping experience for our customers. That's why if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will gladly offer a refund on your purchase for all returns for up to 2 days of receiving your order*

Available Options:

Store Credit 


All Bedding product return requests based on aesthetic reasons will be considered at our discretion and if the product has not been used, this policy is strictly enforced as used bedding products are not resalable, due to hygienic reasons.

All Customized/Special Ordered Items that are created or ordered just for you are final sale at time of purchase. They can also be considered a custom order and described as such due to the nature of the product itself, and/or manufacturer policies. However this will be mentioned in the details and/or in the title as Custom if it applies to a particular product.

All Mirrored Products are eligible for a store credit or exchange

Merchandise must be undamaged, with original tags & labels, in the original packaging, and unassembled (was never assembled).

  • You may remove the contents of the item out of the packaging as long as they are not assembled and are placed back into the original packaging for return.

All returns and refunds are subject to a 25% restocking/cancellation fee from time of order (when order is placed), as we begin the process of fulfilling your order once it is placed, whether it is in stock or not. 

All products from the Luxury Living Collection are final sale at time of order. Luxury Living items/products are labelled as such within the name of the product. This collection is also highlighted as part of the "Luxury Living Collection" and in the details in the product description. 

All products from the Elegance Collection are exchange only at time of order. Elegance Collection items/products are labelled as such within the name of the product. This collection is also highlighted as part of the "Elegance Collection" and in the details in the product description.

If You Are Requesting For Us To Hold/Delay/Store Your Purchased Item(s) When They Are Ready To Be Delivered But You Are Not Ready To Receive Them - there is no exchange/credit/refund. It is considered a final sale. There are some rare circumstances in which this can be reviewed and will be considered on a case by case basis. Final decision will be made by Shop Deborah L Kerbel

Shipping Back to Us?

If you wish to exchange or return an item, please let us know within 2 days of receiving your order. Once we have reviewed and approved your request, you will be sent a and email notification. A return shipping label to be attached to the original secure packaging.

All returns must available for pickup within seven (7) days of delivery to receive a store credit or refund if applicable.

The package will be picked up from your location by our own delivery team.

Unless the merchandise is defective/damaged, the return shipping costs is at the customer’s expense.

Please allow up to 10 business days for us after the item(s) have been received for us to process your return.


We ask that our customers inspect their order prior to use/assembly. In the off-chance that you receive a damaged item, we require notice within 48 hours of delivery. Once we're notified, we will replace the affected part(s) or send a complete replacement, if necessary.

It is a requirement for you to take pictures of the item that has arrived in the box AND take pictures of the outside and inside packaging of the box (very important to the return process and approval of the return ) as well showing the damages of the item. Forward these pictures to, so that we can ensure you get a replacement sent.

Understanding the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) - Back Ordered Item(s) That Are Not IN-STOCK:

Estimated Time of Arrival is a date at which your merchandise is expected to arrive by  a shipvehicleaircraft, or cargo,  to Toronto or our port.

Why do ETA’s (estimated times of arrival) change? We understand the it is frustrating to be provided a  time line on a back ordered product and have that time line change. Trust us, it is the last thing we want to happen as well.

We do our very best to ensure that our manufactures and suppliers are on track and are providing an accurate time schedule so that unavoidable delays are kept to a minimum.

Even once product arrives at our port there can still be delays. Canada Customs will pull containers for inspection that can take time to review. Everything gets unloaded, checked over, and then reloaded without any warning whatsoever adding further delays to shipments.

All of this is to say that, we try our best, with all of the information we are given, taking into account that there are going to be unexpected delays, to provide as accurate an ETA as close as possible however this is outside of our control and have nothing to do with our company.

When we are forced to move an ETA, and risk disappointing our customers, it is never something we take lightly.

In today’s environment we are seeing many delays which impact the ETA. This is a issue that the supply chain is facing globally.

Note:  If your item has not shipped from our warehouse to you and it’s been more than 180 business days beyond the expected and/or communicated ETA (and it is not considered a final sale item, customized or special order), you can receive a store credit or an exchange as these factors are outside of our control. No refunds will be issued due to longer than expected ETA’s. 

**Also, once the item(s) have shipped, we are unable to cancel the order mid shipment.  Your refund/exchange/store credit request would then have to go through the criteria mentioned above once you receive the item(s).

Additional Questions

For any additional questions concerning returns, please feel free to email us at and we will happy to assist you.